Beginner Strength Program

Beginner Strength Program

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If you are new to strength training, or starting again after a break, this beginner strength program is perfect for you! The beginner strength program is an 8 week training program with two phases.

  • Phase one will start the process of building strength and endurance with basic movements and beginner HIIT circuits.
  • Phase two steps it up with new movements, higher repetitions and tabata circuits.

Included in this purchase you will get:

  1. One 8 week training program in PDF format, easy to view on your computer, phone or printable.
  2. Videos for each workout including tips and demonstrations of movements.
  3. Email support for questions regarding workouts or movements. 

This training program is designed to be used with minimal equipment and is easy to use at home or the gym. The only equipment required is one set of heavy dumbbells and one set of light dumbbells. If you are a beginner, 10's and 5's would be great to start with!