Focus on Forever!

Have you ever thought about your health in the viewpoint of forever? If not, it’s time to focus on your long term health goals. None of us plan on aging with disease, pain or physical limitations. I think we all picture ourselves being just as healthy as we are now, or better. But how many of us make a plan to ensure this happens? The reality is most of us don’t. This is why heart disease is the leading cause of death in people over 65. It is also why 64% of women over 65 have high blood pressure. This is a staggering number! A large percentage of high blood pressure we see today can be managed, and even reversed, with healthy eating and exercise. We have an opportunity to prevent health problems by acting today!

In the month of September I would like to challenge you to consider what your future plans are, and what you are doing to protect them! Change your goals from a physical outward appearance to a healthy strong inside, the rest will follow! You can start with a few simple steps.


#1. Review Your Family Health History

  • Genetics can play a role!We all have a family history of heath concerns. It’s wise to consider what might effect you, specifically, so you can incorporate this into your plan.
  • Family history is just a tool: Just because your grandmother had breast cancer, doesn’t mean you will too. A family health history is a tool to help you navigate potential concerns for your future.
  • Plan accordingly: Some of our genetics may make us prone to developing certain health concerns. When thinking about your long term plan make sure to include healthy habits that will help you prevent or manage these concerns.


 #2. Take Inventory On Your Current Habits

  • Make a list of the good and bad:Keeping your health history in mind, try creating a list of your current health habits. This will give you clear picture of what things you could improve and what things you should definitely stop! And be totally honest on this part! Items you might include on this list would be sleep habits, smoking, stress, diet, exercise, etc.
  • Consider physical habits: We often undervalue the amazing gift of movement, until there is a problem. When thinking about your health habits take your body- bone, muscle and tendons into consideration. Do you work in an environment where your body is under strain? This can be sitting at a desk all day, lifting heavy objects or consistently repeating one movement. Over time these habits can lead to deterioration of your joints, ligaments and tissues causing arthritis, pain, joint replacements and loss of function.
  • Do some research! We have unlimited amounts of free information available to us today. Take time to look into your specific concerns and make notes on helpful tips. For example, if high blood pressure runs in your family it would be wise to watch your sodium intake and make sure you are eating enough potassium.


#3. Make a plan of attack!

  • Add good habits to your current routine: Instead of starting with removing bad habits, start by adding good ones! Start with drinking enough water, going to bed a little earlier, adding a nutrient dense food to your dinner or walking daily. Pick something you can keep consistent. Sometimes the small wins can make the biggest impact!
  • Focus on food: As women we often focus on food as a way of losing weight, but wash this notion away! We should be focusing on the purpose of our food- to protect and fuel our bodies! Nutrient dense foods help to heal, protect and prevent damage and disease. Once you start eating with purpose your body will heal inflammation, promote clear mental function and restore energy levels. All important factors in a healthy & happy life!
  • Find a way to add activity: The importance of physical activity cannot be overstated! In our world today we spend countless hours creating damage to our body and not enough time offsetting that damage. Physical activity doesn’t have to be un-enjoyable, daunting or something your dread. Find something you enjoy. Something as simple as stretching, and walking daily, can feel amazing; and make a large impact on your day!


#4. Finally

  • LOVE YOURSELF! Love your body, your mind and your life! Whatever your goals is, make sure your intentions are driven from a desire to care for yourself- not just for today, or your vacation next month; but for forever!