June Events & Updates

Hello ladies!

I am so excited to share all the stuff we have going on in June. I am hopeful this month will bring new focus to how we eat, and think, of food.


Starting June 1st we will begin our focus on nutrition habits. This means habits we can control such as eating slowly, eating to 80% full, staying hydrated. Through this month I will be posting our focus on Social Media Monday morning. Each week I will share tips and tricks related to our weekly focus in order to help motivate and guide you along. As we move towards July we will begin focusing on the specific foods we are eating. This will lead us into our 800 Gram challenge in July!


As for fitness, the June strength program has been email out and tomorrow is the start day! I left the 'run plan' on this months program in case some of you are still working on the running. Speaking of running.... this brings me to our JUNE 5K!! I am so excited to get everyone out to work hard. For some of you this will be your first attempt at a 5K, for some this will be one of many. The one thing true for all of us, we are motivated and ready to reach our goals! 


Something I care deeply about it self love! We always have a goals for how we can improve ourselves (that's human nature) but through this process we need to remember we are amazing the way we are. We are going to take this month off from weighing on the scale in order to focus on listening to our bodies. This includes hunger and fullness ques as well as focusing on non scale victories. I want to make sure everyone can take some pride in the hard work and habits being achieved instead of focusing on the weight on the scale.