Pureformance Health and Fitness by Dani

A little about Dani...

  • I am a long time lover of fitness and food! I love understanding how our bodies work, I love having the ability to effect change in our physique, health, mood, etc. and I love challenging and testing new methods. In my lifetime I have played sports, competed in figure competitions, ran a Spartan race, competed in Crossfit, I have a 5k trail run this May, and I even went through a 60lbs weight loss after giving birth to my son.
  • I believe nutrition is the foundation for all health. I don't believe in 'diets' but focus on nutrition plans and education for the long term. There is a way to reach your goals without depriving yourself, which is never the answer!
  • I have a large family. My fiance and I are a blended family of 6! We have four kids, two dogs and a turtle. Some of which you may meet if you work with me.
  • Finally, I have a fitness bucket list. My clients all know I am constantly working towards something new. Last year it was handstands (which took me the whole year to get) and this year it's back handsprings. Next year I plan on entering my first Olympic weightlifting competition!


A little about Pureformance...

  • Pureformance Health & Fitness, is dedicated to Women only. I chose this path because women carry their own unique challenges when it comes to health, weight management and even muscle growth. I am very passionate about helping guide women to understanding how their body works, how to use this information to benefit them and how to reach their goals with this information.
  • Pureformance Fitness offers several packages designed to fit your goals including: one on one personal training, nutrition counseling, workout programming & transformation packages designed for weight loss.
  • Personal training sessions start as low as $15! 30 Minute sessions can be as low as $21, and are appropriate for most clients looking to get a good workout. If you choose 60 minute sessions, they are $40, but include time for nutrition reviews and/ or work on more intense training goals. I also offer discounts for 12, 24 & 36 session packages.
  • Pureformance Fitness is located in Fort Wayne, IN; however I have several options available if you aren't located close by, including Skype sessions and email/ text support.

Contact me if you have any questions. I would love to get to know you, and the first session is always FREE!