Strength Training for Women


I could spend an entire morning going over the benefits of weight training, and most importantly the benefits for WOMEN to weight train, but instead I narrowed it down to 5 very important facts.

  • Each pound of muscle your body has burns 50 more calories per day!
    • Have you ever thought to yourself, why can men lose weight so much faster than women? Well they aren’t just lucky. Men naturally carry a much larger percentage of muscle mass vs. women, which uses more energy (calories) just to exist.
  • Weight bearing movements build bone density.
    • We have all heard about Osteoporosis but unless we are immediately affected we may not realize the seriousness of its effects. After about age 30 we naturally start to break down bone mass faster than we can regenerate it. Weight bearing exercise helps your body retain bone mass and may even help build new.
  • You can change your body composition.
    • Weight training isn’t only for getting strong, and contrary to what some may think, weight training will not make you large! When you learn to use workouts to your advantage you will have the ability to lose body fat while gaining muscle AND build a body you desire. Unlike running, or long duration cardio, weight training allows you to build and tone areas you want to address.
  • Why wouldn’t we want to be strong, right!?
    • Ok, maybe not like the hulk, but something like wonder women maybe!? You don’t have to be manly to be strong. Whether you are interested in building a booty, feeling better about yourself or trying to be active for grandkids, we all have a reason to be healthy; and weight training is not only fun but it gets these results!
  • Weight training is FUN and stress relieving!
    • Unlike standing on a treadmill or elliptical, for what feels like and eternity, weight training brings continous growth, challenges and fun to your fitness routine. Most times I hear women say they just don’t know where to start, or they are intimidated by the weight room; don’t let that stop you! Make your body, and health, a priority and come learn how to bring some excitement to your workouts!

In short, weight training will make you stronger, healthier &  happier for longer! Who wouldn’t want that?

I love teaching women to get in the weight room with confidence! Pureformance Fitness training packages are designed to give you in person training, so you feel confident in your movements, and includes workout programming for your home or gym.

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